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Evangelism and soul winning is so exciting, fulfilling and adventurous. You will realise many people need help and you can make a difference in their lives. You will witness the power of God and be amazed at how God will use you in a mighty way. Join us and lets travel around the world together with the gospel as we encounter different people and cultures. Above all blessed are the feet of those who carry the gospel.

You are probably unemployed, you maybe on holiday, or you have finished school and waiting to go to Varsity or the next stage in your education or career, make your wait exciting and shorter by grabbing this opportunity. Don’t just sit at home and count yourself as doing nothing.

You believe you are called of God to be an Evangelist and you want to prepare yourself for your ministry and calling.

Join us and serve God with all of your strength. God will reward you for your efforts.

Join To the Ends of the Earth team at one of our offices

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